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Raymond posted this 30 July 2017

This is the forum software I'm looking at for the new site.  I can modify the software any way I please, and that's a big plus for me.  What do you think?  It still needs some cleaning up and the permissions for users figured out.

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Surak256 posted this 30 July 2017

Replies work now. The up/down vote buttons are visible, but disabled.

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Raymond posted this 01 August 2017

It was set to requiring a user has at least one point before they can "vote", which is apparently the like/dislike.  I changed it to 0.

Lord zaeon posted this 06 April 2018

Finally found you all again... Thought the Forum was gone forever. I didn't get any e-mails saying why the Forum vanished at its old address so can someone fill me in?

Reality is beginning to curve around me to avoid conflict!

Surak256 posted this 19 April 2018

Short answer, spam we couldn't make stop. Long answer, the old site had some severe problems that weren't able to be fixed easily, so it was easier to just start from scratch. That's sort of gotten stalled midway through, so here we are.

And I apparently don't have my notifications for this site set correctly, so I missed this post entirely.

Raymond posted this 19 April 2018

I can import the users and the posts from the old site.  Some of the spam is bound to come with it and users would have to reset their passwords.  Passwords would NOT come over from the old site.  It will take some time to do so, but I have a backup from just before the old site was taken offline. I can also set up a one-time email to go out to all of the old site's users informing them of the new site and giving them instructions on how to reset their password.  I've already started the process to get the old domain pointed here. 

I've done my best not to include the spam users and may have caught some legitimate users in the process.  Some of the spam users might get through.  I'll have to rely on the community to identify those users.  I may be able to grant moderators the ability to ban or even delete users/posts as they see fit.


Raymond posted this 19 April 2018

Well, that was faster than I expected. now points to the new forum.

Surak256 posted this 19 April 2018

Sorry Ray, I didn't realize it could be read that way. I meant start from scratch with the site software, not the data. I know you're busy and you've done a good job with the new site.

Thanks for getting the old domain to point to the new one. Is there any way to add a link to the Github page in the header?

Raymond posted this 20 April 2018

I should be able to, one way or another. Does Github supply a download url that can be used from 3rd parties? I'd like to give the users access to a download button on the site, if possible. I'm unfamiliar with Github and it's policies.

Surak256 posted this 20 April 2018

The URL will always link to the latest release.

The URL will give information on that release including download count. It's JSON, so it should be easily parsable, but I think it is also rate-limited by IP address.

I've only been uploading a zip of the build (Source code zip and tar.gz are auto-generated).

Raymond posted this 21 April 2018

Perfect! I'll work on getting something linked. Thanks.

admin posted this 21 April 2018

A download link has been added to the default page.  I also added a link in the menu section.  I'm going to try to make some other site updates.  We'll see.

Surak256 posted this 21 April 2018

Looks good. Thanks.

Trevor posted this 24 April 2018

Hi Ray and Surak,
Ive been noticing the spam of the last site shutdown and I thought LCARSx32 had gone, however I am so glad it hasn't gone.

Actually, LCARS has saved me, the latest build of 10 keeps crashing explorer every 5 secs so I loaded LCARS and swapped shell for the moment.